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    Journey Collection Volume 1

    28 selected writings and artwork from Nate Long “Owl”

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    Helping the Sun Rise

    Helping the sun rise is a tough but amazing job!

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    The Hitchhiker

    The fly lands randomly upon the fence-wire, and we ride along as a privileged traveler or a hitchhiker who has been graciously picked up by a God.

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    Badger Medicine

    But maybe it’s time to let Badger Dig a little deeper into the heart.

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    Austin Labyrinth Project

    Walking the Labyrinth is an amazing way to move into your own journey and focus in on where you have been, where you are and where you are going. Visit the Project page for a list of Austin-area Labyrinths.

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    Medicine Drum Making

    A drum is a living being, built with intention and love. It is birthed through proper prayer and blessings. It is a guide and guardian and teacher that can bring healing by taking one on a journey within or a journey to another place.

Journey Work

First Feature Image
First Feature Image

From the MIND, HEART and SPIRIT of Nate Long "Owl" with poetry and illustrations, journaling and mapping conversations with Spirit to bring hope, healing and love to whomever and whatever is in need.


Second Feature Image
Second Feature Image

Drawings, paintings and photographs -- drums and rattles -- dream catchers and stones -- ceremony and music. All work has been created with honor and respect and is infused with sacred intent -- and interwoven with prayer.


Third Feature Image
Third Feature Image

We Are All Related ... No Matter What. How big is your family? When we are related to all that exists, then we can find love and help and companionship no matter where we are.

The Shamanic Artist

I try as best as I am able to live a life that is shamanic. My creations are my prayers to whatever Spirit says needs help. I am able to channel the needs and create a physical, verbal or musical gift. These “made prayers” are my way to assist in healing… emotional, spiritual and physical.

This is a sacred universe, which contains a sacred Earth, upon which resides sacred plants and animals, sacred thought and prayer, sacred hope and caring. For everything is truly sacred and contains a Spirit that deserves respect and devotion. We, as Human, must find this vision of everything again... for where we have forgotten how to see the magic, everything else within this universe has not. Blessings, Nate Long “Owl”

Shamanism is a way of thinking and seeing the world and reacting to the world. It coexists and enhances almost all forms of religious beliefs and cultural spiritual practice. It is about living with a view of the world as a living and connected organism. We, as Human, are a part of the whole, not in charge of - or overseers of - the world.

Ceremony creation and facilitation is another form of art and of making prayer. It can be a beautiful and loving undertaking or a powerful healing, supportive and visible statement. Ceremony involves the deep journey work, persistence and fearlessness of judgements.

Different from dreaming and from meditation, the shamanic journey is a tool used to provide a closer and more direct conversation with Spirit guides and ancestors; with the plants, animals and elements; and with the Earth herself. Within the journey, similar to lucid dreaming, questions are asked and answers are provided and healing and messages are sent and delivered. Bringing back the stories and recreating them in whatever artistic way is needed is the true job of a Shamanic Artist.

My Latest Journey Work

The following posts have been created based on shamanic journey work and meditations and everyday insights.

Stone Inlay Gallery


The following work is mostly turquoise inlaid into juniper disks, then polished to an ultra-smooth finish.

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Morning Medicine


Morning Medicine Burning cedar and a smoky cool morning A formation of white cranes flies over the water The sun is impatiently waiting for permission To rise over the hills and to warm the howling winds Where a waking is occurring upon the shoreline And a drowsy eye-opening birth into this world. Sing your songs […]

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Window There is a blueness behind the glass That seems to beckon For an endless upward expansion Looking through into the alternate Into the Eden and the alternative Into the bottomless abyss. There is another world out there Actually many, many worlds And they each are just as relevant Each are sacred and important Each […]

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