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The Building of Chief’s Labyrinth

The Building of Chief’s Labyrinth

 How to find Chief’s Labyrinth


The clearing is smudged with sage, around in a clock-wise direction, then to the center.
Four crystals are given intention and buried at East, South, West and North.
Red flowers are dipped in blessed water and are used to un-wind the energies and release any unwanted spirits. This is done by walking in a spiral outward from the center.

When we cleared the space and were setting intentions there was a powerful shift and change in energy as we set the crystals, unwound the space and drew out anything that needed to release.  

White flower pedals are scattered in a spiral from the outside in to the center, to re-connect and strengthen the energies needed to hold this space in a sacred way.

There was then a high vibration and frequency from the nature around as we wound up our energy, and at one point the image of a spiral galaxy was seen in the grass near West tree. It was as if we were creating an energetic vortex and securing and holding it in place in a sacred manner… stepping outside of time to connect with the space’s consciousness.  

A medicine wheel is created first, then a sacred spiral is laid out with string. Later, four turns will be placed into the spiral.

As the stones are brought in by both muscle and wagon, they are smudged with sage and a prayer is made to each before being placed “in line”.

There was a feeling of warmth and welcoming by the woods and especially by the trees bordering the area, and they all radiated love and excitement.  

Small yellow stones, red stones, black stones and white stones are carefully gathered and placed around the larger altar stones that occupy the East, South, West and North directions, respectively.

Yellow stones are placed beneath the East altar of a large yellow Grandfather stone , a gift from a sacred Purification Lodge.

Small red stones are placed around the altar of a large red skull-shaped stone sitting at the South. The cactus running along the South side will help us to remember while we are waking this section to stay on the path.

Small black stones are placed around the altar of a large black Grandfather stone sitting at West, also a gift from the sacred Purification Lodge.

Small white stones are placed around the altar of a large round white crystal stone, sitting at the North.

A flat-topped stone is used and an altar is created in the center of the Labyrinth by placing it across two half-buried rounded stones. Here also is set two smaller sacred stones, one gifted from Devil’s Tower in Wyoming and one from Superstitious Mountain in New Mexico. Under the altar is a very small birds nest that was found along the trail. Small blue and green crystals, for Father Sky and Mother Earth are placed in the nest.

The “stone man” with a tiny heart-shaped stone upon his chest, who came as gift from the Stone People, holds space at the center while the Labyrinth is slowly and carefully created. He then is moved to the East gate when the labyrinth is complete. He will remain to guard and protect this space and to greet with love those who are drawn here with sacred intent.

The feather from a red-tail hawk is hung overhead and tells us all to find a clear perspective as we walk this labyrinth.
Through one side of the Labyrinth a game trial cuts through. So corn meal and tobacco are spread to honor this path. This place has and is and will always be much more of a  home to the animals and forest.

As I walk into the center I am pulled to the ground and with the end of my rattle I draw a spiral continues the path inward… it is a reminder that the path never really ends.

This is the most grounding and earth-loving work. Walking with bare feet directly connects us with Earth’s love.
The Stones:
  • An angel with wings
  • A semblance of a human face
  • A rainbow explosion
  • A dark red skull for the South
  • A black altar stone for West
  • A large white, crystal globe for North


Letting Spirit pull and take us off of the trail to a places where the large round stones hide just beneath the grasses. Letting Spirit take the hand and show which stones to use. Leaving the stones that serve as home to the forest creatures. Letting spirit help with the burden as they are lifted and carried back.

When gathering the stones there was no doubt that we were being watched with anticipation by the forest, like maybe the forest had been waiting for us to do this all along. 

The stones were laid incorrectly at one point, where a section was closed off and not connected to the rest. Once the error was noticed, we talked about it as the “hidden trail” or “the trail no one walks” … But then the path was fixed.  Sometimes we don’t have anyone to tell us our errors. And sometimes when there is someone to notice, then we don’t want to hear that our path needs to be adjusted.
As we each walk Chief’s Labyrinth for the first time, we sprinkle tobacco on the path as a gift of gratitude to this place, to the trees and animals, to the stones, to the Labyrinth itself and to Spirit. 
To walk a labyrinth with intent and prayer can be life-changing and healing. But to build a labyrinth of your own then lay the last stone is truly transcendent.

The connections between each of us who were there building this sacred object was amazing and powerful and as we completed it, the atmosphere became very emotional. The energy shift was expected but the emotional release was incredibly surprising and welcomed.

Chief’s Labyrinth and the building of it, is a Legacy event for each of us who were there.

As time moves on, this sacred path will be walked by many, and experiences and healing will come to more people and animals than we can even imagine.

Chief’s Labyrinth will attract those in need of deep internal healing. May it find and pull all who need its touch.


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