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Rebalancing through Recognition

Rebalancing through Recognition

A rebalancing occurred last night within myself.

There was a sense that the opposites in this world
need to recognize each other…
And slowly I think they are.

Which side are you on?
The big side or the small side
The dark side or the light side
The young side or the old side
The poor side or the rich side
This list could go on and on
and I think that is very relevant.

We, the Human, have polarized EVERYTHING.

But I am noticing, every once in a while,
When the wind is blowing just right,
And the sun is shining just right,
And the songs are sung just right,

That the short is looking at the tall
And the tall is looking at the short
And they are not looking at each other out of a need to BE the other.
Nor are they looking at the other out of envy or greed or pity or anger.

They are looking at each other out of love and respect.
They are seeing that they are both Human and that they are the same.

Now — if only we each could look at our own brothers and sisters in this way.


This is my journey.

— Nate Long “Owl”‘


The drawing is an expanded yen/yang…   in this world we are told in one breath that difference is to be celebrated, yet there is a growing fear of difference  (dare I say the fear is even being promoted).   Our differences, when looked at from a higher perspective should balance out.  

the Human has created a big coin flip of how we are suppose to think… are you “in” or are you “out” …   I see that, one, there is a loss in being able to see humanity as one “Human” (just as we may see all eagles as “Eagle”) … and, two, that our definition … our positive definition… of what Human truly is needs to be found again

Using difference to separate our self has been done since antiquity… this is not new and I’m not saying at all that we should remove our differences.  But when we use our differences to hurt others, to hurt the earth, to hurt Spirit… then, I think, an adjustment must be made … somehow. (oh… and believe me… I sure don’t have the answer to that!)


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