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The Labyrinth Drum: Drumming the Labyrinth

Drumming the Labyrinth

The mallet wanders about the surface of my drum and he starts to sing. With eyes closed, a vision comes of a labyrinth drawn on the surface of the drum… and the mallet’s beat follows like it is walking this sacred path.  And as it “walks” the surface, the song it sings becomes stronger and more defined and more powerful and more beautiful and more magical.

I listen to its undertones and its words as if he sings with a voice from an upper-world cathedral, and I know without a doubt that there is a spell here that is being cast for the good of all. There is a medicine here that brings balance to my inner place, to those who listen now, to all things beyond these walls and to all things that have been and will be.

The mallet follows this path upon the surface of my drum…. And so I’ve found yet another way, a deeper way, to “walk the Labyrinth”… what a true blessing.

This is my Journey

20” deer-hide medicine drum… my “Labyrinth Drum”… with Raven’s Feather

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