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Chief’s Labyrinth Caretakers

Chief’s Labyrinth Caretakers

Thank you so much for your interest in being a Labyrinth Caretaker for Chief’s Labyrinth.

If you are interested in becoming an official Caretaker, please send CONTACT me with your intention and your email address.

First of all… I will be adding you to an email distribution list for updates on upcoming gatherings.   You do NOT need to be a Caretaker to come to a Caretaker Gathering, however.   The following is provided to give more information and guidelines.

  1. We will have official clean-up gatherings each quarter.  Most likely mid-July, early-October, mid-December and end of May.  For the Summer and Winter gatherings an option to camp is available the night before.  For Fall and Spring, we will have our gathering on the Friday of the Austin Shamanic Community outdoor retreat, so camping will be available that Friday and Saturday evening.  Camping is not required to attend the Gathering, however.
  2.  The gatherings will involve cleaning/weeding/trimming as well as a sacred walking ceremony (how could it not?). We will also have talks around the uses, intentions and histories of the Labyrinth and how it can assist us in our everyday lives and as a tool for healing.
  3.  You are encouraged to join our scheduled meet ups as this job is one of sacred intent and of community, however you are welcome to visit on your own, according to your personal schedule.
  4. If you visit Chief’s Labyrinth outside of our clean-up gathering dates, you are invited to do some cleaning and to report back with photos and with any comments about your experience.
  5. As a caretaker, please spread the word of Chief’s Labyrinth however you are able. Encourage friends to visit. Post and share links online. And when visiting Chief’s Labyrinth and when directing friends to visit, please always ask the ranger “Where is Chief’s Labyrinth?”…. this will encourage the park to take a formal and official view of this landmark.
  6. Information will be emailed to the Caretakers email list, posted via Austin Labyrinth Project Facebook and through this website. This will hopefully reach all Caretakers regarding logistics and other information.
  7. Information on specific cleanup logistics will be provided within the invite for each cleanup day.


Chief's Labyrinth Caretaker's Oath
As a Labyrinth Caretaker I hereby commit to: 1) Help maintain the physical, spiritual and energetic cleanliness of Chief’s Labyrinth. 2) Report back after I visit on my experience (where appropriate) as well as the physical state of Chief’s Labyrinth. 3) Tell others about Chief’s Labyrinth and in general of the benefits and uses of the Labyrinth as a tool for healing.

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