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Owl Guide

Owl Guide

As you lay back and relax with your eyes closed,
Imagine a shadow that passes over you
And a cool breeze touches you on your exposed skin.
Imagine this shadow moving above and circling around the circle.
And with each pass over you, you feel the cool breeze again.

Now imagine that the shadow stops and hovers above you
And you see the yellow eyes of Owl, watching you from just above.
And for a few moments he sits in silence on an unseen branch and just watches you.

Then there is a deep hollow sound,
And you hear words within the inside of your chest:

“I am the bringer of messages of truth.
I bring the gift of ancient wisdom and intuition.
I bring the sharpest of vision and observation when things seem most dark.
I teach of how to be silent and of how to access long-past hidden knowledge.
And I am here, now, to give insight into what will come tomorrow.
What is heavy upon your heart that I can carry away?
What  is missing and needed within your heart that I can bring for you?
Whom do you wish to send your prayers to?  Because I will deliver them for you.

An now listen closely for I have a message only for you.”

This is my journey.
Nate Long “Owl”

Originally written for Owl Medicine Journey 3/23/2017

Graphite with digital manipulation

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