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Back to the Camp

Back to the Camp

I travel up and out and down into the camp site where I had been just five days ago.

There is Osprey flying by and I send her my gratitude. There is a pink horizon to the East and I marvel at the beauty. There is my brother, Steve, swimming through the willow branches. And Owl perches high above my tent where only I can see him in my current state.

I hear the flute and see myself playing below and add an extra bit of Spirit to the melody. There is a wispy darkness sitting next to me… someone joining me who is not quite in physical form.

My friend, Bob, is sitting and drumming his tall tom-drum, his eyes glazed with his spirit hovering just above his knit hat.

There are five children that watch with curiosity and a touch of anxiety.  I reach down and lightly touch each upon the top of the head and tell them a story of wonder and magic and how all things are sacred.  I tell them to remember this moment as something wonderful.

I blow through the camp as a slight breeze and touch others very gently, easing small frustrations and energizing those who are tired.

I find that moving or smoothing or healing the larger issues is very noble, but the act of helping the smallest things does two things: First, it has an immediate and visible impact, (just as pushing the small stone can be seen where pushing the boulder cannot) and, second, from this small act, something wonderful can be set in motion that will become a big change later.

I move throughout the campsite and touch each person in a small and slight way, then move up and out and down, five days ahead, into the journey circle again.

I know without a doubt that the camp this last weekend was made even better because of this journey I took just now.

This is my Journey
— Nate Long “Owl”

Graphite with digital manipulation

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