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Bird of Prey

[dedicated to the victims of the Las Vegas shootings, 10:08 pm, October 1, 2017]

Bird of Prey

There is anger and fear and sadness
looking down upon the crowd
from that window high above the strip
or from much, much higher up.

“They are too small to be human,” he thinks.
“Their suffering is their own fault
for refusing to — or not being able to —
climb up to where I have climbed.”

Seeing them in this way makes it so easy
to not have compassion or love,
and not lend a hand in service.

It makes it so very easy to harm them
or even worse — to do nothing at all.

He circles all those below like a bird of prey
— As do we all in one way or another.

This is my Journey
— Nate Long “Owl”

graphite with digital manipulation

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