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Who Are You Better Than?

Yesterday in Sutherland Springs, Texas a gunman opened fire in a First Baptist Church, killing 26, then himself. The following is written in response. I am giving no apology if this in any way offends because this question must be asked and it must be answered within each heart.

Who are you better than?

Are you better than your brother?
What about your neighbor? Or your co-worker?

Are you better than the single black mother?
Or the klansman? Or the gay man?

Are you better than the Muslim?
Or the Baptist? Or the Wiccan?

Are you better than the depressed?
Or mentally challenged? Or the crippled?

Do you hold yourself above this world?

Are you better than the deer?
Or the cow? Or the mosquito?

Are you better than the waters?
Or the earth? Or the air?

Do you stand above someone or something else?
Where do you see yourself on this “I am better than” scale?
No other creature lives on this scale except for Man.

Challenge yourself to step off the scale
and join the rest of the universe as an equal.

You are not and have never been better …
and no one and nothing has ever been better than you.

In the eyes of God,
We … (as in “all things”)
are all connected and equal.

We are all related.

This is my prayer for the 27 who have passed over.
Nate Long “Owl”

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