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Talking with Tree

Talking with Tree


Tree stands before you.

Rough bark on a wide, tall trunk.

Branches stretch out above your reach,

Like she is yawning after a slumber.

Yes… she has just awoken to you,

Touching her so slightly with honor,

Asking her to tell you her story.

So she smiles, only as Tree can,

And a glow of gratitude emerges,

A gift just for you, for just being with her.

She tells you she has watched many

Who walk by without seeing her

And how she whispers to each

With very few who hear her

And even fewer who know it’s her.

She thanks you with an ancient wisdom

For seeing and hearing her for real.

She tells you that what you are doing

Is needed by many things in this world,

That honoring in this way will bring healing

To the Stone and Water and Air,

To each animal spirit that roams the earth,

And to each Human that lives,

Both those with love and those without.


This is my journey


Nate Long “Owl”

Graphite with digital manipulation


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