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To Dance and Paint


To Dance and Paint

I move to the rhythms … the drum beat… the rattle
My vision is softly focused
My hands move smoothly and I imagine holding a brush

So I begin to paint my world

Rolling hills touching a light blue, clear sky
A darker gray expanse of a white capped lake
Painting the wind is easy here

I then stretch the rolling hills upward into peaks
And I add a bird circling and searching
Painting the sound of Eagle’s cry is easy here

And the lake becomes a dense forest of pine trees
Each one I create as I watch it grow before me
Painting the smell of the pines is easy here

Then I see you …
or did I just paint you?

Just a glimpse through the tree trunks, spying on me
I start to pursue and you back away
I am in fear of making you afraid

So I stand in stillness and I motion for you
But you just stare with wide eyes

So I dance where I am focused on my heart
Recognizing the Tree spirit
And inviting your spirit to dance with me

I look up as I flail my arms … as a I paint
And you are still off in the distance
But you dance, too, now

This dance takes away fear so someday you will join me
To dance with me
To paint with me


This is my journey
Nate Long “Owl”

Ink with digital manipulation

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