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Book Reviews from the Children

Book Reviews from the Children

I was so touched by the thoughtful and loving and honest (and wise) comments from these great kids.

– Nate


Adelyn (2 years) says she “wuvs them :)”

Weston (5 years) says “they’re really good books and I love that my big brother, Teague, reads them and explains things to me. I really enjoyed the drawings in We Are All Related. ”    Weston also felt inspired by the drawings and afterwards he sat down to draw.

Teague (10 years) says this about Helpers:  “I really liked this book because I believe helpers are everywhere. Everyone is a helper. I think I’m a helper because I help others by giving and being nice. My favorite part of the book is Sister Cedar helping the girl. She uses her branches to cover the girl which is super nice and I love Cedar trees.”

Teague says of We Are All Related: “I like this book cause Nate’s books are awesome. My favorite part is when the boy is in the water by himself and the girl glows behind him and he truly realizes what it means to all be related. All living and non-living things depend on each other. It helps us to learn to not be scared of things we don’t understand, like a scary snake or large animal.”

And from Tammy, the mother of these three wonderful kids, “Thank you for writing books about beautiful wisdom that is mostly lacking from children’s books these days. Your books allow for great talking/thinking points with kids. The drawings are beautiful and capture the kids’ attention.”

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