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Gallery of Illustrations and Art

Each journey is a story delivered from a spiritual dimension. Many times the images come alive before the words, other times after —  and other times without words at all. This gallery gives a sampling of different pieces used within both the Journey Work and with books I’ve written or contributed to.







Gallery of Sacred Objects

Objects are created with a very sacred intent and are used as part of the making of a prayer or the healing for an individual, group or larger issue. The following images are a sample of the many objects that I create through my shamanic practice.







Gallery of Photography

The camera can capture so much that our eyes miss. With luck, the lense will show love and spirit and healing.







Gallery of Ceremonial Events

The active involvement of learning, creating and performing ceremonial events is, in itself, an artform and a “made prayer”. From the ritualistic to the musical to the story telling and teaching, it is all created with an intent and a purpose and … dare I say … beauty.






Gallery of Figurative Drawings

A shamanic view of the world is about developing different perceptions of what we see around us. I have found through the practice of figurative drawing (from a live model) and from urban drawing, that I am able to better adjust my view of all things into something a little more refined and sacred.