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A Healing Basket

Turning Fear of Cancer into Love  — A Healing Basket

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August 14, 2017 A Healing Basket Ceremony

Take a moment right now and say a prayer for those you know who are touched by the fear of Cancer.  Write down a list of initials for these people you know. Acknowledge and read over your list and imagine each upon a stone within this healing basket.  Now, repeat as many times as you need:

“Fear only exists within what could happen tomorrow — today I choose to love”

Upon the altar Stone, which is Mother Earth cradled and held firm, see and smell the burning frankincense, to heal the cellular and sage to clear the energetic.

Imagine the smoke rising to touch the four braided chords, representing the four stages of life, none of which are immune to this fear.

The smoke rises through the basket, made with seven sticks with bark, representing the seven directions of this world; and seven sticks without bark, representing the directions of the after-world.  And upon each stick is wrapped the colors that cancer brings and the colors that this fear brings.

Then the smoke touches the stones within the basket.  Each stone has the initials of someone who is in fear of cancer. They are all people you know in one way or another.  Your own initials may be on a stone. They are for those who have or have had cancer.  For those whose life is altered because someone they love  suffers or suffered from cancer.  For those who are in constant fear of getting cancer because of what they eat, drink, touch and breath.


And then the smoke drifts higher where an old oak branch, as the place of ancestors, holds all of this in a swinging balance.  And on this branch are wrapped forty-nine red tobacco prayer ties, both gifted to those who have passed from this ailment for their sacrifice and as a  gift to us from them as their recognition of our suffering.

And this Healing Basket hangs in a fragile equilibrium, where the smallest of actions or interactions can alter it’s very being… just as we do, in either a positive or negative way, with our prayers or intentions toward this fear.

I ask that you commit to doing one of the following:
– Find stone(s) and write/paint/engrave the initials onto each and mail them to me to add to the basket (IM for address)
– Email me a list of initials that I can then put on the stones for you (nate.long@blueeyeart.com). Include your personal prayer if you like.
– Comment to the post with your list of initials
– Through your own journey-work and personal ceremony, create your own internal Healing Basket with stones for those you know need healing

I also ask that this be shared far and wide. This “Made Prayer” is meant to touch as many as possible.

There will be ceremonies held in the Austin area as well as a dedication and gifting of this Healing Basket to a place-to-be-determined.   Please IM or email me if you want more information and/or to be notified of ongoing work.

— Delivered in a vision from Spirit

From my deepest place of gratitude and love
Nate Long “Owl”





A thoughtful ceremonialist and leader

I have known Nate Long for many years and have attended several of his special events and projects. He is a thoughtful ceremonialist, as well as a careful and conscientious leader. I strongly support Nate and recommend attending his programs.

Garry Starnes, MEd

This is a sacred universe

which contains a sacred Earth, upon which resides sacred plants and animals, sacred thought and prayer, sacred hope and caring. For everything is truly sacred and contains a Spirit that deserves respect and devotion. We, as Human, must find this vision of everything again… for where we have forgotten how to see the magic, everything else within this universe has not.

Nate Long "Owl"

Nate’s heart is big and wide…

Nate’s heart is big and wide, generous and enthusiastic! His love of Shamanism is contagious, as he calls many to join him in various Circles. He shares it beautifully with his drum and drum making, his frequent Journeys and his flute. His singing of Native American chants sends one straight to one’s core – Divine. Creating a Labyrinth is another way that he gathers people and honors Mother Earth delightfully. Nate’s commitment to this Path seems unwavering, and is inspiring for those who gather with him. Thank you Nate!
Heather Joyce Wolfe