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Austin Labyrinth Project

Walking the Labyrinth is an amazing way to move into your own journey and focus in on where you have been, where you are and where you are going.

Please visit:

Austin Labyrinth Project Facebook Site

You are encouraged to walk these Labyrinths, then post your comments on your experience as well as your photos and videos.

Also, look for events involving creating Labyrinths or group gatherings to walk them.

Suspending Judgement Temporary Labyrinth, July 21, 2018

Labyrinth Workshop Part1: Raising the Labyrinth, April 15, 2018

Celebration Sunday Part 2: Initiating the Labyrinth, April 22, 2018

2017 Winter Chief’s Labyrinth Caretaker’s Gathering

2017 Labor Day Labyrinth Walk

Drumming the Labyrinth

The Stages of Labyrinth Raising

Chief’s Labyrinth (directions and info)

The Building of Chief’s Labyrinth

Chief’s Labyrinth Caretakers

The Labyrinth


Lotus Bend Sanctuary Labyrinth

Chief’s Labyrinth


Austin Labyrinth Project Facebook Site

This site contains information and photos of different labyrinths around the Austin area. Please feel free to Like and contribute to this site. If you are interested in building your own Labyrinth for personal or group or community uses, please contact me directly.

Austin Labyrinth Photo Galleries (on Facebook)


World-Wide Labyrinth Locator

Proud to have both Chief’s Labyrinth at Muleshoe Recreation Area and Lotus Bend Sanctuary Labyrinth added to the World-Wide Labyrinth Locator database, as well as the Austin Labyrinth Project Facebook site added to the Labyrinth Links section.


Austin Labyrinth Photo Galleries (on Facebook)


Google Maps Austin Labyrinth site

Please visit this custom Google Map to find Labyrinths in and around the Austin area. Feel free to edit and add to this list.









A thoughtful ceremonialist and leader

I have known Nate Long for many years and have attended several of his special events and projects. He is a thoughtful ceremonialist, as well as a careful and conscientious leader. I strongly support Nate and recommend attending his programs.

Garry Starnes, MEd

This is a sacred universe

which contains a sacred Earth, upon which resides sacred plants and animals, sacred thought and prayer, sacred hope and caring. For everything is truly sacred and contains a Spirit that deserves respect and devotion. We, as Human, must find this vision of everything again… for where we have forgotten how to see the magic, everything else within this universe has not.

Nate Long "Owl"

Nate’s heart is big and wide…

Nate’s heart is big and wide, generous and enthusiastic! His love of Shamanism is contagious, as he calls many to join him in various Circles. He shares it beautifully with his drum and drum making, his frequent Journeys and his flute. His singing of Native American chants sends one straight to one’s core – Divine. Creating a Labyrinth is another way that he gathers people and honors Mother Earth delightfully. Nate’s commitment to this Path seems unwavering, and is inspiring for those who gather with him. Thank you Nate!
Heather Joyce Wolfe