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Custom Drum Making


Through consignment, Nate is available for custom made drums.  This process consists of:

  1.  One-on-one meditations and journey work to understand your needs and intentions, your story and how that would manifest within a new drum
  2.  Personal journey-work from both parties with ongoing dialogue regarding the process
  3.  The building of a custom drum (size, hide, hoop are all selected based on journey-work)
  4.  Painting and custom work would also be included if instruction is received
  5.  The “Story” will be written (possibly an illustration and poetry/prose and description)
  6.  A Drum  Blessing will be performed

Past Drum Projects (with permission by owner)

Words are not sufficient

Wow.  What a beautiful and soulful process.  Words are hardly sufficient to describe how impressed I am with the Drum that Nate created for me.  Neither the drum itself nor the process of its creation was what I expected, and both are perfect. It is obvious that Nate is a deeply talented artist and craftsman, and his talent is a beautiful complement to the inspired and sacred intent with which he creates.

[commenting on post Blue Tree Drum]

Tracy Sage King