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Shamanic Retreats and Outdoor Ceremony

Meditations, ceremony, drum circles, journey-work all are enhanced when done in the outdoors. Events range from short meditation walks to longer multi-day retreats.


Silent Walking Meditation

Offered approximately every month in South Austin.  We will walk silently and barefoot down a short trail through a grove of juniper trees to a hidden “Catcher Circle” in the woods. There we sit and drum for 10 to 15 minute to set our intentions and ask for guidance. We then exit in silence just as we came in.











 Austin Shamanic Community Retreat and Journey Circle

Twice each year I facilitate a three day retreat for the Austin Shamanic Community. Activities include, among other things, outdoor journeying, labyrinth ceremony, morning meditations, sacred object creation and lots of time for healing conversation and energy work.

The following will link to some gallery images for each of the past retreats.

A thoughtful ceremonialist and leader

I have known Nate Long for many years and have attended several of his special events and projects. He is a thoughtful ceremonialist, as well as a careful and conscientious leader. I strongly support Nate and recommend attending his programs.

Garry Starnes, MEd

This is a sacred universe

which contains a sacred Earth, upon which resides sacred plants and animals, sacred thought and prayer, sacred hope and caring. For everything is truly sacred and contains a Spirit that deserves respect and devotion. We, as Human, must find this vision of everything again… for where we have forgotten how to see the magic, everything else within this universe has not.

Nate Long "Owl"